Ambient Air
CGA Grade A
CGA Grade D, '11
CGA Grade E, '11
CGA Grade N
Instrument Air
ISO 8573-1
Nitrox I
Nitrox II
NFPA 1404
NFPA 1989, '13

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Lab On Locale®

Air Lab

X-zam® Laboratories
A Highly Sophisticated Analytical Lab;
Leading The Way For Breathing Air Gases.

The reason to have your gas analyzed by X-zam Labs are varied - but in most cases it has to do with quality control of a compressed air/gas product. In some cases a regulation is requiring you to perform regular analysis on your system common on breathing air. In other cases you may be trying to locate a source of contamination in an air/gas system and X-zam is a perfect troubleshooting tool. In any case, it’s just a matter of good sense to assure yourself, your staff, and your clients that your system is performing as it should.

With X-zam Labs you’ll have the confidence and security in knowing that your air/gas system is being monitored by a team of experts. We will help you every step of the way.

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