Purity is fundamental in all we do at L-Factor;
there’s purity in our business actions,
purity in our customer relations, & naturally,
Purity resulting from our Air-&-Gas Technologies


At Lawrence Factor® we believe that the making of purified gases is much like the making of other products - - involving a number of processes and quality assurances. Because extreme purity is crucial for many of these gases, such as Breathing-Air or gases used in Pharmaceutical production - - it’s even likely that these gases are required to comply with formal regulations.

The making of a purified gas could get quite complex, starting at the intake of a compressor, followed by other mechanical filtration, and finally, at the molecular level, by a sorbent or catalytic purifier. It may simply consist of stand alone or point of usage purifiers.

Count on Lawrence Factor® when counting on PURE Air-&-Gas. Our purification products achieve results that make your gases glisten to the standards you seek - - effectively, efficiently, EASILY.

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

High-Pressure Purification Systems

High pressure jobs sometimes depend on high-pressure air & gas. For instance; a deep sea diver plunging into ocean depths toting a capsule of air on his back or a transit-driver at the helm of a bus fueled by a tank of natural gas.

Getting those gases as clean, dry, and pure as possible requires equipment that can work under even greater pressures - - without fail. These pressures can reach upwards of 20,000 PSI.

Based on “Once-Through” cartridge concept & built of brawny materials like all stainless-steel fasteners and fittings, we provide a product meant to last a lifetime. Matter of fact we even warranty it for a lifetime against corrosion. The secret lies in veneers of protective plating over aerospace metals making up our pressure vessels - - and making them impervious to nature's meanest elements. The result of all this care is a purification appliance meant to last a good long time while requiring a minimum amount of maintenance - a reflection of our concerns for your concerns.

L-Factor Purification Appliances operate on the simple concept of pushing your gas through a series of Once-Through disposable filter cartridges housed within vessels rated for the working pressure. The resulting gas is precisely controlled through configuration and selection of cartridges. When the gas quality begins to diminish the cartridges are replaced with fresh ones.

For Reliable Air/Gas purification, you need an appliance that performs to the highest standards. One designed to lick the most tenacious impurities. One that is able to flex when technology does. We build them so tough that we even include a LIFETIME WARRANTY! All of this - - a reflection of our concerns for your concerns.

Producing high purity compressed gas in phases:

Increase gas pressure as high as practical. This ‘squeezes’ out a great portion of the liquid vapors such as oil or water droplets
Remove remaining liquid vapors as-well-as solid substances & particles. This is accomplished with a mechanical filter or coalescor. The greater the efficiency of this filter, the better the job it will do.
Adsorb remaining water vapor and vaporous hydrocarbons, accomplished with high-potency adsorbent materials such as silicas and zeolites.
Removal of gaseous, molecular level contaminants such as carbon dioxide, humidity, and gaseous hydrocarbons. This can be performed by a variety of sorbents and desiccants.
Remove volatile hydrocarbons, solvents, odorous hydrocarbons, and other organic substances via an assortment of absorbents, catalysts, and impregnated materials.
Lastly, removal of any particulate carryover by capture onto highly efficient filter devices.

Purity & Performance

The reason for the exceptional performance of all Lawrence Factor® air/gas purifiers can be found at the core of their cartridge towers. Inside are Lawrence Factor® X-pendable® and Xtractor™ filters. By far, the most respected brand of high-pressure cartridges-they can be quickly and easily configured to conform to evolving demands or technology. This not only makes them ideal for meeting the latest purity requirements but for use at experimental sites and laboratories.

"X" Brand Cartridges

  1. Are offered in a wide range of models.
  2. Formulated to scores of specific applications.
  3. Are completely self contained so that contaminants are retained in the cartridge.

Flexible Future

A Lawrence Factor® purification appliance is versatile. It’s one that won't easily become obsolete. As our scientists work toward developing new purification technology - new cartridges are frequently introduced-giving you a greater range of options. This means that by upgrading your cartridges you can always enhance the performance of your Lawrence Factor® purification appliance.

Join the future and make the natural choice in compressed air/gas purification. Contact our sales0department for an explanation on how a “Lawrence Factor® Purification Appliance” can flex for you

High-Purity Filter Cartridges

As witnessed by a pearl wrapped around an irritant, nature has its way of outsmarting pollutants. Lawrence Factor® has woven those tactics, steeped in science & technology, into our Filter Cartridges - - snaring particles on sub-micron spider webs, squeezing vapors into rainlike droplets, or putting molecular dams in front of gaseous impurities. For solving pure gas requirements X-pendable® and X-tractor™ are the easy natural choice.

Requirements for producing highly pure air and gases can readily find solutions with X-pendable® filters - - recognized worldwide as a premier filter cartridge. Charged with various compound sorbents and catalysts, X-pendables are a confident choice for many gas purification applications.

If you want contaminants out, put X-pendables in!

  • Rugged transparent outer shell - 2-year shelf life
  • Once-through disposable concept, is easily changed out
  • LifeBand™ indicator, visibly lets you know filter has expired
  • Nearly 800 versions and cross-fit models to select from
  • Globally available through widespread partner network

There are two types of X-tractor™ filters and both are safely disposable. Intake X-tractor™ Elements, perform pre-filtering at a compressor air intake. Particles as tiny as 5 microns are efficiently captured. Coalescing X-tractor™ Elements are placed at the filter system inlet to force out up to 99.9% of airborne water and oil droplets and condensibles.

Used in conjunction with X-pendable cartridges, X-tractors complete an efficiently working team, designed to elicit the highest performance from a compressed air or gas purification system.

  • Efficiency to 99.99%
  • Porosity rating to 5 micron
  • Materials include pleated, wound, and sintered
  • Dozens of versions and cross-fit models to select from

High-Pressure Purification Components

L-Factor offers a useful selection of high-pressure compressed gas components from valves and fittings to safety devices and filter holders - - and at pressure ratings up to 20,000 PSI.

An easy way to expand your purification system or to add a point of use filter. Construction materials include Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel. Each component is rigorously sanitized and inspected in order to ensure that it’s suitable for the application. The lifetime warranty will help provide years and years of reliable service.

SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS can easily be achieved by determining the cartridge(s) inserted. Take a look at our broad selection of X-Pendable0brand cartridges - - designed for assorted applications such as:

  • Breathing Air
  • Medical Air And Gases
  • Bottled Gas Production
  • Carrier Gas
  • Gas Blending
  • Hyper-Pure Breathing Air
  • Compressed Natural Gas
  • Research
  • Zero Air

Cartridges are included. Let us help you select the most suitable from the hundreds that we manufacture.

Dependent on the goal and the filter cartridge inside this device removes the bulkiest solids, particles, and droplets. Mechanical Like our other filtration components, these filter holders are available in an0assortment of materials - - and pressure ratings to 20,000 PSI. Filtration requirements can be met up to 99.9% efficiency and at sub micron ratings.

Each component is rigorously sanitized and inspected in order to ensure that it’s suitable for the application. The lifetime warranty will help provide years and years of reliable service.

Cartridges are included. Let us help you select the most suitable from the hundreds that we manufacture. Filter Cartridges

These small devices can be placed strategically at points of use in a compressed air / gas system. They protect devises and controls against particle solids. Simple to install and changing cartridges is easy. Rated for pressures up to 6000 PSI.

They’re just as rugged and reliable as our purification systems - because many of these accessories are the very same components that go into those. Of course, all of Lawrence Factor®’s high pressure accessories are crafted to serve critically pure needs and at highly elevated pressures - some as high as 10,000 psi.

Our engineers took extra care that these products would have as few moving parts as possible - knowing that this feature will keep them operating far longer than most and make them a snap to service.

We offer a healthy selection of valving, piping & hose, gauges, and air&gas controls - all constructed of the toughest materials, withstanding nature's meanest elements.

Compressed Breathing-Air can be found in pipelines and tanks in many many applications. The most familiar being SCUBA Divers tanks or a Fireman's SCBA pack. Pressures rise to over 5000 PSI.

Our standard Breathing-Air purification appliances satisfy most worldwide standards for producing Breathing-Air purity and can be mated to compressor packages up to 75 SCFM. Jump to our Super Tower systems and capacities rise to over 150 SCFM. With our "once-thru" X-pendable cartridge concept - contaminants remain in the cartridge. In the array of model choices you'll find a solution for most every scenario. They are stout, they are efficient, and they are practical.

Built on the same stout design concepts as our standard Breathing-Air Purifiers, these models were created for lower flow rates of 2-8 SCFM. By integrating coalescing and sorption phases into a single unit we are able to serve up a power-packed purifier in a tiny package - without sacrificing capabilities.

Polishing clean gases to ultra pure levels (up to 99.99%) requires equipment designed to those standards. Our Hyper Purifiers will meet the demands of applications such as very pure laboratory gases, blending gases, oxygen compatible air, and anywhere that "zero air" might be required. Hyper purifiers are a practical & easy way to produce these polished gases. Determining the appropriate model is easy too - with the help of our technical representatives.

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is an alternative vehicle fuel, produced from pipeline gas whose pressure is raised to 3000+ PSI. Quality about purity of this gas is of utmost concern.

Our CNG Dryers were developed with the small to medium sized fueling stations in mind, producing dry, particle-free fuel. L-Factor CNG Dryers offer a practical choice in comparison against high and lo-pressure regenerative dryers. Due to our "once-thru" cartridge concepts - contaminants remain in the cartridges, there are no loose desiccants to contend with or clean up after, there are no electrical requirements and little danger of environmental pollution. These packages are a quick & cost-effective means for adding a dryer to most CNG stations - - up to 150 SCFM.