Meet The Lawrence Factor® Team

About Us

AIR. It's all about, it's what you breathe. What’s more, the spot where Lawrence Factor® lives and breathes, our domain, is all about AIR - - and its purity.

L-Factor doesn't stop there. We work with many other gases, advancing the field of compressed Air-&-Gas purification - - all the way up to 20,000 PSI.

We do this by applying the latest in technologies and science. Not only to purify gases, but to predict and analyze the purity - - all the way down to 0.5 PPM and 0.01 MICRON.

Assorted Compressed Air-&-Gas Fields:

  • Air Gun Firing
  • CNGV Refueling Stations
  • Military & Defense Systems
  • Fire Brigades SCBA
  • Pharma & Food Production
  • Undersea Diving & SCUBA

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Our slogan perfectly sums up the theme in our products. Whether a filter cartridge or a length of stainless-steel tubing, each of our product solutions was designed for use with highly compressed and highly purified gases. The theme doesn’t end with that, however.

Behind the brand name on each package lies a product with a reputation for high purity and reliable quality... a reputation earned on an unending quest for solid engineering, stout construction, and unique solutions. We know that more than just our reputation relies on these factors; your well-being does.

Our Past, Present & Our 4 Ways

Since our founding, we have earned a reputation for quality, innovation, fair pricing, and lasting impressions. We do this by dedicating ourselves to these goals in 4-WAYS and in every day:

  • The glowing SATISFACTION of our customers
  • Making it EASY to work with us
  • Always on a quest for BETTER
  • Approach everything in a WHOLESOME & UPRIGHT way

The origins of Lawrence Factor® are rooted deeply in the field of high-pressure gases, founded in 1979 with the ‘Flask’ brand filter cartridge for scuba diving. Since that time, and over a few decades of evolution, Lawrence Factor® has become one of the recognized X-perts in compressed breathing-air. But our presence hasn't ended there - - over the years our product solutions have found their way into a multitude of applications.

Still whenever you see air behind a breathing mask, be it in a hazardous environment, entering the scene of a fire, or plunging deep beneath the sea - - Lawrence Factor® has most likely helped to put it there.

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Our Home, Our Stuff & Our Family

L-Factor is located on a 3 acre manufacturing campus. It's a place where we live and breathe ISO-9001 standards, we house an ISO accredited research lab, maintain a fully fitted CNC machining facility, an electronics R&D lab, and a streamlined assembly floor - - employing technology in every practical process.

Though with all of that real estate, all of our technology, and all of our capabilities - - it’s our people that account for our greatest accomplishments. It’s a customer service team that lives to create memorable experiences for you, and it’s the individuals who craft our products - - determined to see perfection in every detail and offer you solutions to your everyday challenges. We strive for ways to make things EASY and to do things BETTER.

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Our Team

Department Heads

Larry Kaplan


Jim Day

Controller & Advisor

Jim Weadon

Chief Engineer & Advisor

Jose Carrion

Sales & Customer Support

Diego Uribe

Manufacturing & Operations

Team Leads

Joseph Morales

X-Zam Labs® / Lab Electronics

Maria Silva

Lab On Locale®

Alex Lacorra

Information Technology

Alicia Ramdhan

Customer Service

Miryam Uribe

Product Assembly

Manny Alonso


Our Products, Your Solutions

in 3 product groups


Cartridge Systems
to 20,000 psi

X-pendable® & X-tractor™
brand cartridges within 700+ models and alternatives


X-zam® Laboratories
performing analytical services under the ISO-17025 flag

Lab On Locale®
remotely monitoring & performing analysis of breathing-air via internet, providing documents in a flash. Also under the ISO-17025 flag


Purification Media
such as desiccants, sorbents, catalysts, and cleansers

lubricating oils. Includes our AeroLube and OxyLube greases - - all of highest purity for applications in high purity gas systems

Plumbing & Controls
make it easy to build and expand high-pressure high-purity gas systems

New Parts™
brand, alternative spare parts to fit various makes of high-PSI compressors making it easy to shop all needs in one place

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Built To The Highest Standards 5000 - 6000 PSI Units Available Mil Spec Hard Anodized Fee Design & Tech Help Available US Navy Approved OCA Systems Available In Stock & Ready To Ship
Leader In The Filtration Industry Great Quality At Economical Price Unique Clear See-Through Design Electronically Welded Seems Moisture Indicator Strip Replacements To Fit Most OEM’s Satisfaction Guaranteed In Stock & Ready To Ship
High Quality At Affordable Price Replacements For Most Original Equipment Manufacturers In Stock & Ready To Ship
Variety Of Agents Available High Quality Assured Available In Pints Through Drums Oils Blended Specially For Breathing Air Use In Stock & Ready To Ship
Fully Accredited Easy To Use Sample Kit Affordable Great Customer Service Knowledgeable Tech Support
Manufactured To Hi-Standards Easy To Use Kits Available Great Value Free Technical Support Huge Inventory Satisfaction Guaranteed In Stock & Ready To Ship
High Quality At Affordable Price Huge Inventory Rebuilt & Service Kits Available In Stock & Ready To Ship

Our Customers

Name Dropping

Hello. I’m Larry Kaplan, president at Lawrence Factor® - - and I’m proud to be able to drop a few names. These customers have health, safety, and lives at stake. They have demanding standards. And they put faith in L-Factor products to meet those standards. They do it often. I have faith that you will develop that same confidence in Lawrence Factor®. The list is 4,000+ long and here are just a few of those names:

  • Many Diving Concerns around the world
  • Major Municipal Fire Departments
  • The U.S. Naval Forces
  • NASA
  • Disney Company and Disney World
  • Boeing
  • Raytheon
  • SpaceX
  • Virgin Galactic

Products MADE IN USA -- available GLOBALLY

Others make Air & Gas. We ensure that it's PURE!

Contact Information

Lawrence Factor®, Inc. USA

Address: 4790 NW 157th St,
Miami Lakes,FL 33014

Phone: 305-430-0550
Toll Free: 1-800-338-5493
Fax: 305-430-0864