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Standard Purifiers

Our standard purification appliances satisfy the most common range of flow rates - up to 75 scfm, for the production of breathing air and purification of inert gases. The array of sizes offers enough choices to solve any typical demand. Every model is built around some multiple of our stock cartridge holder and accompanying coalescor.

AF Type
Product ID *CF SCFM PSI Size
AF-531-110-F 13000 12 5000 psi 21" W x 22" H x 5" D
AF-531-111-6000 26000 20 6000 psi 18" W x 38" H x 5" D
AF-531-111-F 26000 20 5000 psi 21" W x 38" H x 5" D
AF-531-112-6000 120000 40 6000 psi 27" W x 38" H x 5" D
AF-531-112-F 65000 40 5000 psi 27" W x 38" H x 5" D
AF-531-113-F 110000 40 5000 psi 30" W x 38" H x 5" D
AF-531-114-F 140000 60 5000 psi 36" W x 38" H x 5" D

*Typical processing capacity (cartridge life) is calculated as gas saturated with water at 5000 psi (80° F).

Specifications: working pressure 2000 - 5000 psi / MAX operating temperature 120° F / safety Factor 4:1 / pressure cycle life 15,000 / aluminum with black hard anodize finish.

Included: inlet manifold, check valve, relief valve, cartridge change indicator, priority valve, drain valve, petcock vent, pressure gauge, all stainless steel couplers and fasteners, micron particle filter, cartridge set, instruction manual, full one year warranty on overall equipment and lifetime warranty against corrosion of the cartridge holders.

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