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Plumbing  / Pipes / Hoses / Fittings
Product ID Fits
NP-2214-0105A N03608, N3608, NUT-0013
Fitting, compresson nut. Fits N03608, NUT-0013. (12mmLL)
FUNCTION/RATING:12mm-LL nut for compression fitting. REQUIRED: Matching ferulle.

NP-2214-0106A N03609, N3609
Fitting, ferulle. Fits N03609, N3609
FUNCTION/RATING: 12mm-LL compression ferulle. RECOMMENDED: 2 spare.

NP-2214-0123A N03418, N3418, N20341, CON-0266, N20189, N07838, N7838
Fitting, male connector. Fits N07838, N03418, N20341, CON-0266 (12mmLL)
FUNCTION/RATING: 12mm-LL compression x R1/4-BSP. RECOMMENDED: 1 spare.

NP-2214-0171A N20209, N3811, N03811, N4687, N04687, N03504, N3504
Fitting, male connector (for final discharge) Fits CON-0061, N20209 (8 mm)
FUNCTION/RATING: Final exit fitting. 8mm-S compression x R1/4-BSP. RECOMMENDED: 1 spare.

NP-2214-0483A N07441, N7441
Fitting, ferulle. Fits N07441
FUNCTION/RATING: 12mm-L compression ferulle. Medium pressure.

NP-2214-0515A ADP-0020
Fitting, adaptor. (3/8 ISO-M x 1/4 NPT-F) Fit ADP-0020

NP-2214-0545A N15400, N20059
Fitting, male connector. Fits N20059, N15400
FUNCTION/RATING: 12mmL x 1/4BSP. Medium pressure. INCLUDES: Copper gasket

NP-2214-0546A N07433, N7433
Fitting, compression nut. Fits N07433 (12 L)

NP-2214-0547A N03629, N3629, N20202
Fitting, tube reducer. Fits N03629, N20202
FUNCTION/RATING: 12mmL X 15mmL compression.

NP-2214-0548A N03464, N3464, UNN-0050
Fitting, tube coupler. (12 mmLL) Fit UNN-0050, N03464

NP-2214-0789A N3663, N03663
Fitting, ferulle. Fits N03663 (6 mmL)

NP-2214-0790A N7430, N07430, NUT-0055
Fitting, compression nut. Fits N07430 (6 mmL)

NP-2214-0828A N03459, PLU-0028
Hex Plug. Fits N03459, PLU-0028 (R1/8)
REQUIRED: Copper gasket NP-2202-0043A.

NP-2214-1020A N03458, N3458, ELL-0111, N22719
Fitting, male elbow. Fits N03458, ELL-0111

NP-2214-1054A N03857, N3857, N03737, N3737, N03
Hose assembly, breather tube. Fits N03857, N03737
ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.


Plumbing / Pipes / Hoses / Fittings
Product ID Fits
Hose assembly. (6000 psi, #4 JIC Swv, 3 ft)
FUNCTION/RATING: 5000psi x 3ft long. INCLUDES: End fittings which are #4 flare swivel.

TU-530008-AC N-A
Flexible HP Tubing, (Plastic 1/8" OD, 850 psi).

Rigid HP Tubing, (S/S 6 mm OD, 5000 psi)

HP Aluminum Tubing (.472" OD x .059" WL, 2000 psi)

Rigid HP Tubing (S/S 1/8" OD, 6000 psi)

Rigid HP tubing (S/S 1/4" OD, 5000 psi)

Rigid HP tubing (S/S 3/8" OD, 5000 psi)

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