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Lube Systems
Product ID Fits
FO-220030-PP N25326
"X-tractor Oil, Fits N25326/Gasket, 36-06-006."
REQUIRED: Rubber Gasket (order NP-2207-0507A). RECOMMENDED: 1 spare

NP-2205-0604A N02969, N2969
"Adjusting screw, oil reg. Fits N02969"

NP-2207-0070A 056302
"Sightglass, oil return. Fits 056302"
ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

NP-2207-0149A 056301
"Spoolpiece, oil sightglass. Fits 056301"
REQUIRED: Two o-rings (NP-2202-0150A). ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

NP-2207-0434AK 072439, 002622
"Rebuild kit, oil regulator. Fits 072439"
FUNCTION/RATING: All necessary items to rebuild all styles of hi-psi oil regulators. INCLUDED: Sightglass, cage, ball, seat, and all gaskets/o-rings. RECOMMENDED: One spare kit. TIP/NOTE: Ensure that seat is correctly facing ball. ORIGIN: made in USA.

NP-2207-0463A 058119
"Seat, oil regulator. Fits 058119"
TIP/NOTE: Ensure that seat is correctly facing ball when installing. ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

NP-2207-0464A N02768, N2768
"Ball, oil regulator. Fits N02768"
ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

NP-2207-0507A 077774
"Gasket, oil filter. Fits 077774 "
TIP/NOTE: Inspect this gasket each time oil filter is replaced. Oil filter assembly available (FO-220030-PP). ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

NP-2207-0885A 063536, 069890
"Connecting tube, breather. Fits 063536, 069890"
ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

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