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aftermarket parts that fit
Bauer Compressor®

Electrical Components
Product ID Fits
NP-2220-0138A SWT-0160, SWT160, SWT-160
"Switch, air pressure. Fits SWT-0160"
FUNCTION/RATING: Adjustable range 3650-7500 PSI. Has EMT electrical connection w/ wire leads. TIP/NOTE: SWT-0160-1 (NP-2220-0541A) has Din electrical connection

NP-2220-0139A SWT-0119, SWT119, SWT-119
"Switch, oil pressure. Fits SWT-0119"
FUNCTION/RATING: Adjustable range 360-1700psi. Has EMT electical connection w/ leads.

NP-2220-0382A SWT-0015
"Sensor, high temperature. Fits SWT-0015 (N/C)"
FUNCTION/RATING: Pre-wired for normally closed circuit. Has leads and spade coupler & 8-32 stud end. Maximum 12amps. ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

NP-2220-0541A SWT-0160-1, SWT160-1, SWT-160-1, SWT-257
"Switch, air pressure (for DIN connector) Fits SWT-0160-1, SWT-257"
FUNCTION/RATING: Adjustable range 3000-7500 psi. INCLUDES: DIN connector.

NP-2220-0542A SWT-0119-1, SWT119-1, SWT-119-1, SWT-0256, SWT-0184
"Switch, oil pressure (for DIN connector) Fits SWT-0119-1"
FUNCTION/RATING: Adjustable range 22.6-125 psi. INCLUDES: DIN connector.

NP-2220-0622A HMR-1, HMR-0001, HMR-0021, N16625, DV/HMR
"Hour meter (90 - 240 volt) Fits HMR-0001, HMR-0021, N16625"
FUNCTION/RATING: Analog hour meter. Operates on a range of ac/dc voltages (90-240, 50/60Hz). REQUIRES: 2" mounting hole.

NP-2220-0659A HMR-5, HMR-0005, HMR-20, HMR-0020
"Hour meter, LCD (10 - 270 volt) Fits HMR-5, HMR-0020"
FUNCTION/RATING: Indicates run time in hours/minutes. 7mm LCD. 2.8" face. 10-270volt ac/dc. REQUIRED: 2" hole.

NP-2220-0797A N01010, N1010, SWT-0055, SWT0055, SWT-055, SWT-55, 96101-BB3-B
"Switch, air pressure, Fits N01010, SWT-0055"
FUNCTION/RATING: Air pressure switch. 1000-4500psi adjustable. TIP/NOTE: Box type enclosure.

NP-2220-0801A SWT-0258
"Switch, oil pressure (for DIN connector) Fits SWT-0258"
FUNCTION/RATING: Oil pressure switch. 360-1700psi adjustable. TIP/NOTE: DIN type connector.

NP-2220-0814A SWT-0006 Assembled
"Sensor, high temperature (N/O) Fits SWT-0006"
FUNCTION/RATING: Normally (N/O) open switch. Closes on rise at 320F degree. 5mm stud. INCLUDED: 2-spade connector. ORIGIN: 100% made in USA.

aftermarket parts that fit
Reavell® / Mako® / Compair®

Electrical Components
Product ID Fits
NP-6620-0851A 003M96201, M96201
"Switch, Air Pressure, Fits 003M96201, M96201"
FUNCTION/RATING: Adjustable range 1450-4400 psi. Proof pressure 7000psi. Has spade type connections, 5amp 125/250volt. 1/4npt-male.


Electrical Components
Product ID Fits
"Timer, ACD (24 - 240 vac)"
FUNCTION/RATING: Supply 24-240vac 50/60Hz. INCLUDES: Mounting screw. TIP/NOTE: Settings are field adjustable (ON @ 0.5-45 minutes, OFF @ 2-40 seconds).

"Power cord, ACD"
INCLUDED: Power Cord only. Timer & Solonid sold separately.

"Solenoid Valve, ACD (115 vac)"
INCLUDES: Solenoid only (Timer and Power Cord sold separately).

NP-0020-1039A N-A
"Timer, ACD (12 - 60 vdc)"

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