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aftermarket parts that fit
Bauer Compressor®

Product ID Fits
NP-2203-0046A N00169, N169
"Bearing, Ball. Fits N00169"

NP-2203-0144A N02857, N2857
"Bearing, split ball. Fits N02857, N2857"

NP-2203-0179A N03703, N3703, N2638, N02638
"Bearing. Fits N03703, N02638"

NP-2203-0180A N03702, N3702
Bearing. Fits N03702

NP-2203-0184A N03015, N3015
Bearing. Fits N03015

NP-2203-0185A N03014, N3014, N01014, N1014, N00525, N0525, N525
"Bearing, ball. Fits N03014, N01014, N00525"

NP-2203-0186A N00583, N583
"Bearing, roller. Fits N00583"

NP-2203-0187A N00091, N91
"Bearing, ball. Fits N00091 (for oil pump)"

NP-2203-0188A N00633, N633
Bearing. Fits N00633

NP-2203-0189A N00475, N475
Bearing. Fits N00475

NP-2203-0387A N15406
"Bearing, roller. Fits N15406"

NP-2203-0467A N18303
Bearing. Fits N18303

NP-2203-0468A N18304
Bearing. Fits N18304

Service Kit: Bearing Kits that fit Bauer Compressor®

aftermarket parts that fit
Reavell® / Mako® / Compair®

Product ID Fits
NP-6603-0916A 98076/1018, 001RR98076/1018
"Bearing, oil end. Fits 98076/1018"
FUNCTION/RATING: Main bearing, non-drive end, roller type. REQUIRED: 1 piece. ORIGIN: Asia or Europe.

NP-6603-0932A 98076/1019, 001RR98076/1019,
"Bearing, main. Fits 98076/1019 (drive end). "

NP-6603-0941A 98076/1021, 001RR98076/1021, 98076/1063 001RR98076/1063
"Bearing Assembly, lower rod end. Fits 98076/1021, 98076/1063 (Includes inner ring)"
INCLUDES: Needle bearing, outer ring, and inner ring (fits 98076/1063). TIP/NOTE: This is a COMPLETE assembly. No need to purchase inner ring separately. ORIGIN: Asia or Europe.

NP-6603-0942A 96072/0029, 001RR96072/0029
"Bearing, upper rod end. Fits 96072/0029"

NP-6603-0949A 98076/1026, 001RR98076/1026
"Bearing, drive end. Fits 98076/1026"
FUNCTION/RATING: Main shaft ball bearing. REQUIRED: 1 piece. ORIGIN: Asia or Europe.

NP-6603-0956A 98076/1022, 001RR98076/1022,
"Bearing, rod end. (small end 1st stage) Fits 98076/1022"
REQUIRED: 1 piece per connecting rod. ORIGIN: Asia or Europe.

NP-6603-0957A 001RR98076/1023, 98076/1023
"Bearing, rod end. (small end 2nd stage) Fits 98076/1023"
FUNCTION/RATING: Bearing for connecting rod, piston end. REQUIRED: 1 piece per connecting rod. ORIGIN: Asia or Europe.

NP-6603-1068A 001RR98076/1044, 98076/1044
"Bearing, main. Fits 98076/1044, 001RR98076"

NP-6603-1097A 96004/0013
"Bearing, ball, fits 96004/0013"

NP-6603-1099A 96072/0046
"Bearing, upper con-rod. Fits 96072/0046"

Service Kit: Bearing Kits that fit Reavell® / Mako® / Compair®

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