Particulate Pads


ACTIVATED CARBON: For Pollution Control - this media is your choice for adsorbing both condensable and vaporous hydrocarbons (lubricants). Our carbon are very effective in cornering odors, organics, as well as halogenated solvents.

Activated Carbon
Product ID Size Net. Weight
CA-252606-GN Pint 0.5 lb.
CA-252612-GN Quart 1 lb.
CA-252615-GN Gallon 3.5 lb.
CA-252625-GN 2-1/2 Gallons 8.75 lb.
CA-252655-GN 55 Gallon Drum 200 lb.

WARNING: Some of the ingredients in Activated Carbon are harmful and anyone handling this material must take proper measures to protect respiratory systems and avoid immediate contact with skin, eyes, and mouth.

SDS: Activated Carbon

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